watercolor paint palet and notebook

Hey friends

Self portrait

I enjoy making visual jokes that other people can relate to. I believe words are important and labels are worth re-defining and expanding. When you are reduced to a label, you risk becoming a singularity.
I don’t want to feel less than or fragmented. We are beautiful, multifaceted, complex creatures- Or at least I am ( maybe you are a simple, single-layer kind of bean dips, that actually just beans) but I have a feeling you are the whole deal; guac, cheese, sour cream, salsa, etc.

I chose the name Insecuri-tee because;

1) I love plays on words and thought I was only going to sell tee shirts.
2) I feel like insecurities are in no shortage and that we should be able to connect on how silly this is.
The irony in naming my company Insecuri-tee is that has opened up a lot of insecurities. I have questioned my value as an artist and whether I deserve to take up space. Whether I have the necessary determination to build a website and business. I’ve also wondered if I am just funny to me, and other people may not actually get it.
Ultimately I decided that even if all these doubts are true, I’m still going to be here doing it anyway because it makes me happy and amuses me. I get to make inside jokes, and sometimes I’m not the only one ‘in’ them. And I get to laugh, which is inherently grounding because you’ve got to breathe to laugh. If you don’t, you choke a little bit.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this site. I appreciate you!