Get to know me.

I don’t want to only post images of my art. I want to share a little bit of me too. Not like nudes but, like, on a deeper level get to know me.

Hopefully, something that might make you laugh & you’ve got to breathe to laugh. Breathing is decidedly important and grounding. In fact, breathing is so important there are classes that specifically focus on breathing.

However, that is not this place. This is a place to play with watercolor & words.

My latest blog posts.

The Raven’s Onion Joke

IN THE BEGINNING, (my god that is a strong start, but really), what could I give you that was innate of me?  I could find you a really cool rock or acorn, but when you held it up, would others see that it was an extension of me? No. What if it was really cool?…

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Stomp It Out.

WHEN I was a child I stomped through sand castles. I built cities and smashed them down with heavy footsteps and sound effects. I would imagine myself as Godzilla ( a large lizard that also took glee in destruction), or an act of god, like a hurricane. Sometimes I would accidentally wreck things, sometimes I…

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Things I was put on this earth to do.

Get the Wiggles Out

I’ve got to get the wiggles out. Usually ‘the wiggles’ is in reference to dance moves, but in this case, I’m referring to the creative ideas bouncing around in my noggin.

Raise Hell

Not in a “necromancy” kind of way, however, I’m totally open to possibilities.
I want to challenge given thought structures with the annoying persistence of a child who keeps asking “Why?”.

Talk Shit

I like to bullshit and whole-heartedly believe in BOTH art for art’s sake AND talking shit for the sake of talking shit. I take great pride in my BA (Bullshitting Abilities) which is just the sailor’s way of saying ‘storytelling’!

To Laugh

So, as I write this, I see the haunting shadow of “life, laugh, love” breathing down my neck. Trying my best to avoid cliches, I was put here to laugh & embrace the absurdity. Because if I’m laughing, I know I’m still breathing a strong indication of being alive!