My name is Ray! I am an artist based in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. I am inspired and entertained by the natural world and love to play with words.

I don’t want to only post images of my art. I want to share a little bit of me too. Not like nudes but, like, on a deeper level to get to know me.

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My latest blog posts.

The Raven’s Onion Joke

IN THE BEGINNING, (my god that is a strong start, but really), what could I give you that was innate of me?  I could find you a really cool rock or acorn, but when you held it up, would others see that it was an extension of me? No. What if it was really cool?…

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Stomp It Out.

WHEN I was a child I stomped through sand castles. I built cities and smashed them down with heavy footsteps and sound effects. I would imagine myself as Godzilla ( a large lizard that also took glee in destruction), or an act of god, like a hurricane. Sometimes I would accidentally wreck things, sometimes I…

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